How to register a company in Australia online?

A Company is a separate legal entity which is a popular way to conduction business in Australia. Company registration involves obtaining a unique registration number from the government and it becomes like a separate legal entity from the date of registration. The advantage of a company is the provision of limited liability to the directors of the company. In Australia, the registration of the company is processed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).To register the company name, decide on the name that suits your business. Make sure that the selected name is not already registered with ASIC in order to avoid any conflicts or infringing on someone else company’s legal rights. Register the company name by filling up the form 201 - Application for registration as an Australian company and mail it to ASIC. The ASIC process the application form in two to five business days from the date of payment and send the certificate of registration with ACN (Australian Comp…